• Run Flat Changer Machine
  • Run Flat Changer Machine
  • Run Flat Changer Machine
  • Run Flat Changer Machine
  • Run Flat Changer Machine
  • Run Flat Changer Machine
  • Run Flat Changer Machine
  • Run Flat Changer Machine

Run Flat Changer

Our machines are used in almost all countries' armies due to their durability, ease of use, and on-site service. Our Runflat Removal and Installation Machines are designed in three different models:


- Standard Workshop Type

- Mobile 20/40 feet Container Type

- Mobile Trailer Type


The common features of all our models are as follows:


1. Designed for removing and installing Runflats in tires ranging from 16" to 30" in armored personnel carrier vehicles.

2. Performs the task of placing or removing Runflats from tires in the fastest manner.

3. Places or removes Runflats from vehicle tires with minimal human effort.

4. Prioritizes occupational health and safety. It is CE and ISO9001 certified.

5. Emergency stop buttons are located at various points and control panels of the machine.

6. Run Flat Changer Machine can operate all hydraulic arms and pistons with both fixed-type control panel and wireless portable control panel, allowing the machine operator to closely observe tire and piston movements for safer and faster operation.

7. User-friendly and simple machine that can be operated by anyone with just a few hours of training.

8. Designed to be used for many years without aging or wearing out.

9. Designed to minimize operating costs and use energy as efficiently as possible.

10. The machine's paint is electrostatically applied, ensuring long-term protection.

11. All electrical and hydraulic materials used in the machine are globally available and easily obtainable, allowing customers to source materials from their own countries.


A - Fixed Type Runflat Replacement Machine: RCM5

- Designed for use in our customers' maintenance workshops. It features a large crane.


B - Container Type Runflat Replacement Machine: RCM5 C

- A Runflat replacement machine that can be placed inside 20 feet or 40 feet containers. It is more compact than the fixed-type machine. Although it resembles the fixed type in appearance, there are changes in dimensions and the main body, and the hydraulic oil tank is located outside the machine body. This model features a specially designed crane that can move forward and backward on rails mounted on the ceiling of the container. Air conditioning is installed inside the containers to maintain a constant temperature. There is also a special lighting system inside the containers.


C - Trailer Type Runflat Replacement Machine: RCM5 TRAILER

- Prepared according to the special requests of our customers, it includes the following features:

- Hydraulic retractable cover crane on the rear exterior of the container,

- Compressor for inflating tires,

- Air conditioning inside the container for climate control,

- Machines for changing small vehicle tires,

- Ceiling-mounted crane.