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  • kömür analiz cihazı

Coal Analysis Device

We offer a wide range to our customers with continuous real-time measurement in order to provide the process optimization leading to increasing productivity and advanced quality through online analyzer. ScanMin Africa (SMA), different materials of online analyzer including the elemental analysis, particle size, humidity measurement and length perception systems. NITA II Elemental Analyzer is built by ScanMin Africa in South Africa. NITA II elemental analyzer was developed with the demand from industry in order to reduce the costs and to increase the lifetime through PGNAA analyzers, and directly measures the wide range of elements.


NITA II Element Analysis

NITA II is an On-Belt Elemental Analyzer working with and measuring the bulk material on conveyor belt. It is capable to operate the system including the various minerals including but not limited to coal, iron ore, lime, manganese, and is used by the power stations for food control and boiler optimization.


Ultra Humid-Humidifier Monitor

Ultra-Humid is a online humidity analyzer which is developed by Ultra Dynamics. System is used in various sectors to produce, for example, coal, copper, platin, roof tile, cement, phosphate fertilizer, and in the waste paper recycling and palletization plants. System or product line provides the real time humidity measurement (ROM) of feed or material.


Oversize Detection Systems

ODS provides the real-time automatic analysis of material size on the conveyor belt with almost every device or system interface. The main target of system is the early detection of big sized particles bearing the plant which may causes the blockings or the crasher / screen corrosion or failure.


Online Particle Size Analysis (OPUS)

The particle size analysis distribution of ground minerals is of decisive importance for downstream processes like flotation, separation, drying or others. In order to optimize the process efficiency on one hand and the final product quality on the other hand, an early control of the grinding or classification stage is essential. The ultrasound based particle size analyser OPUS is capable of performing on-line particle size analysis distribution (PSD) and solid content measurement of mineral slurries such as iron ore, copper ore, fluorspar, or quartz sand and alumina directly in heavy and rough process environment.



CoalFusion™ is a fully automated blending system that optimizes the fuel you send to your power plant. Blend from an unlimited number of coal yard feeders to an unlimited number of boiler blend specifications, while minimizing the cost of your fuel. With advanced process control algorithms, CoalFusion™ increases your plant profitability by delivering the right fuel blend at the right time, all the time


PERI-On-Stream X-Ray Analyser

PX2100 provides elemental analysis of slurry using energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF). PX2100 uses the latest in X-ray technology to provide a flexible analyzer system with minimal maintenance requirements. The analyzer uses a Si-PIN detector with a detection range of approximately 500 eV to 30 eV, which includes the primary emission lines from Oxygen to Xenon*.

Isotope & Logistic Services

ScanMin Africa is authorized to import, convey and hold isotopes by the Department of Health, this enables us to be able to successfully service existing and new clients in securing radioactive sources, as well as assist in application, logistics services, disposal, transportation, and loading of the source, wipe tests etc

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