• Armlog Namlu Temizleme

Armlog Barrel Cleaning

Weapon manufacturer’s requirements; gun operator, maintenance, power, pneumatic system,

ompartment on any gun and preferred technical personnel.


Barrel Cleaning Systems; It can be supplied in a range from 30 to 155mm.


System Operation; The system requires only 70 to 100 psi.


Working Pressure; They system does not have any control for the gun, towing vehicle or external air compressor. Operating the system only connects the air, open the system according to the air outlet of the house vehicle.


Vibration alerts; The system is made back in a full cycle 90 to descent under the barrel. The average cleaning time is 10 minutes per barrel.


Cleaning Fluid; the barrel must be sprayed using liquid, it can also be sprayed using different types of liquid, it must be installed after the brush has been cleaned and the liquid must be sprayed.


Preventive Maintenance; gun oil is applied after cleaning the barrel offers excellent protection against rust and prevents corrosion.