• Metal Enjeksiyon Makineleri

Metal Injection Machines

The design feature of UÇAKLAR -Hot press casting machines, which is superior than similar casting machines regarding the economy and reliability, is the robustness and easy to access to each component.


Slanting of press section prevents the dropping of metal from injection nipple. Press section may be moved away from the injection so as allowing for casting both with fixed and breaking method. Since the injection unit, which presses the hot material to the cast, is fixed to the machine chassis, the vibration is completely removed.


The melting furnace, which moves on the wheels and keeps the casting material hot, is isolated in the most optimal way. All control valves are integrated within each hydraulic block for the injection and press sections.


Hence, both comfortable usage and shorter hydraulic flow circuits are obtained and it is ensured that the machine, individual devices show the faster reaction.