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Run-Flat Changer Machine

Today need for Run-flat tire increases every year . Particularly , upon increase in the need armored vehicles of 4×4 .6×6. 8×8 need for Run-flat changer dev’ce has also increased.

To meet this need , our company has developed Run-flat changer machine and offered into the market types of vehicles in which Run-flat machine is used : It is used in all vehicles having rim sizes of ” 16 ” and ” 25 ” It provides dissemble of run-flat of all vehicles owned by armed forces and gendarmerie and police in our country.

Our machines are in use for 10 years on armored vehicles.

This machine provides dismantling and removal of Run flat from rim and tire for recovery of damage occurring and removal of blow-out of t’res for rims of “16 and 25” in armored vehicles.

Technical Specifications – Standard Model:

Crane System :

The lifting capacity of the crane in the system is 500kg.

Run-Flat docking station :

Unit where the run flat is compressed and placed in the tire.

Circle Removal System :

It works separately from tire removal system. It provides disassembly and installation of the rim circle on the run flat. In this section, the segmented segments of the rim are safely removed. The rim is detached from the tire. The run flat still stands inside the tire.

Control Unit :

It is used in operating the system. It operates with 24 volt DC current for the safety of users. It is designed in a compact type design. We produce two types of the system, wired and wireless.

Electrical System :

According to the request of our customers, there are 3 phase 380V – 415V options. (The electrical system can be adjusted according to the system of each country.)



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