Robotic Bogie Welding Plant

With our experience in robotic system integration and flexible industrial automation applications, we encountered a wide range during industrial production.we can provide complete solutions of problems. Industrial with our versatile experienceautomation projects from production to transport or from transport to storageWe integrate in a way. TCDD’s Sivas TÜDEMSAŞ Factory was established. All resources during the manufacture of bogies are made with the help of the robot line we have installed. Bogie cleaning jobs, which have been previously done manually, have been made faster and more efficient thanks to the newly installed unit. We contributed to the production of bogie in accordance with the railway standard.


Our vision; We continue our pioneering role in the light of our knowledge, experience and professionalism that we have created by applying universal codes of business ethics since 1992, more.


Adress: Hilal Mahallesi Cezayir Caddesi No: 21

Phone: +90 (312) 439 0 423

Mobile: +90 (532) 292 87 12